Brief information about the Project

The Project provides for the promotion and revival of the authentic headdress called Uhniv Shawl tied into a Fancy Knot within the context of an art show titled FASHIONABLE SHAWL. The project is intended for strengthening the cultural identity of the community, both to promote the local culture and the way of wearing a shawl.
✔️ Topicality of the Project:
The promotion and revival of the authentic headdress called Uhniv Shawl tied into a Fancy Knot is an extremely topical project for the cultural development of the territorial community in general and the development of the cultural life of the district in particular. Interest in local traditions with increasing frequency promotes the cultural heritage of the district and stimulates its recreational and cognitive capacity, in particular, the one directed to preservation, development and promotion of craft. Recently, Uhniv land has been increasingly going back to the revival of long-standing traditions. In particular, the old traditions of making a Jordan Cross of paper or straw have been revived in school environment. Besides, the information about old local bootmakers who fell into oblivion has been actively coming back into public awareness (Uhniv boots). The art show titled FASHIONABLE SHAWL is not only a kind of stylish “hallmark” of the community but also the promotion of the way of wearing local shawl.
✔️ The main objective of the Project:
To preserve the authenticity of the tradition and promote the way of wearing Uhniv shawl both locally and nationally. The project is unique since no part of Ukraine has such a way of wearing a shawl. In the folklore, this style is called «Uhniv fancy knots». Owing to such style, a woman a wearing shawl (both in the past and present) didn’t/doesn’t suffer from cold even in severe frost. Thus, this project is implemented to preserve traditions and promote local culture.

The shawl tied into a fancy knot is the highlight of the smallest city in Ukraine

The shawl for Ukrainian women is not just the headdress. It is a rather symbolic, significant thing and represents our cultural heritage. The shawl united female generations and was handed down as a family's ancestral treasure from mother to daughter. It is a common belief that only married women wore shawls. It's time to deny this myth and spread SHAWL FASHION, in particular, Uhniv shawl fashion.
In days gone by, a shawl was considered a talisman. With a hand-embroidered shawl, the young lady tied up the boy who was called out for service so that his journey would be easy and the road back home - faster. If a Cossack died, the hand-embroidered shawl was used to cover his eyes during the funeral ceremony "so that his eyes wouldn’t be pecked out by an eagle."
FANCY KNOT is a symbol of refinement and beauty
All women had the so-called Uhniv "fancy knots" on their heads – huge shawls with an area of four square meters (2х2), which were worn in a special way, "over the forehead", the long ends of which fell freely on the women's shoulders. Women wore such a shawl even in the severest frost - it was as warm as a hat. Uhniv women wore different shawls for different holidays. Green shawl was worn at Green week, silver shawl was worn at Christmas and blue or light blue shawls were worn at the Epiphany. It is said that when Uhniv woman walked with a flowery "fancy knot" on her head, dressed in a coat that trailed behind her, she looked like a princess or a queen. These women stood tall and behaved honourably. "And why did they dress like that, unlike others, over the centuries?" "Uhniv lower middle-class women in this way emphasized their culture, femininity and beauty...".
We can still see long-standing “fancy knots” in the city on big holidays. Women wear original local costumes and go Christmas caroling. Sometimes two of the most elderly Uhniv-native women dress up as in the old times. Fancy knots “burst into blossom” at the Ascension, when Uhniv townspeople from other cities of Ukraine come to the city, which is specially decorated for this occasion. Uhniv townspeople make a kind of brotherhood. All former townspeople are driven by nostalgia to their native land.
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Ugnivsky way of tying a scarf with a forelock